Empowering the next generation 
of diverse leaders

through mentorship, training, and networking

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The Lopez Fellowship helps talented, diverse professionals develop the skills they need to thrive in today’s workplace.

Hernan Lopez Family Foundation: Hernan Lopez and team in a discussion.

Over the course of five months, and at no cost, Lopez Fellows enroll in elite business education classes, receive invaluable mentorship from leading executive recruiters and public speaking experts, and work closely with our founder, Hernan Lopez.

Since launching as a pilot in 2021, the Lopez Fellowship has supported half-a-dozen individuals from the fields of media, entertainment, healthcare, and government.

Insights from the data

Research shows that a diverse team leads to better and brighter outcomes

Each diverse leader will rise from a universe of diverse managers; and each diverse manager, from a diverse workforce. Ideally your own.

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Hernan Lopez Family Foundation: A young female professional in a one on one meeting.

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